Ingeniatrics hires Ángel Fernández González for the position of R&D Researcher
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Thursday, 18 October 2012 10:34

Ingeniatrics has announced the hiring of Ángel Fernández González, Chemical Engineering PhD, as a researcher in the R&D department led by Maria Flores Mosquera.

The 33 year old man from Valladolid (Spain) began his studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Valladolid. After his university years, successfully concluded a Biotechnology Master. Angel spent six years in the Micromanipulation Research Group (University of Birmingham, UK) where he studied his PhD and worked in several microencapsulation projects.

In the face of this professional challenge, Ángel Fernández claims "one of the main motivation is to return to my country and work in R&D." Due to this, he faces his new duties "with enthusiasm to be part of this company and a new team”.

OneNeb Nebulizer: Increased sensitivity with minimal blockage
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 13:45

The revolutionary OneNeb nebulizer conceived, designed, developed and manufactured  by Ingeniatrics and market by Agilent Technologies generates a fine aerosol that improves both sensitivity and tolerance to dissolved solids for ICP-OES and MP-AES applications

Do you need 10 reasons to replace your current nebulizers with the OneNeb nebulizer from Agilent?

1. A single OneNeb can replace several nebulizers

2. Inert: use with virtually any solution type

3. Virtually indestructible – even when accidentally dropped

4. High effi ciency improves sensitivity and detection limits

5. Delivers outstanding precision: typically < 1-% RSD

6. Excellent long-term stability

7. Minimal blockages with high-dissolved solids

8. Flow Blurring ® technology

9. Easy to use – just replace your existing nebulizer

10. One supplier for all your spectroscopy needs

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From Single Molecules to Systems Biology
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Friday, 14 September 2012 09:46

Mr. Alfonso Gañán Calvo
Ingeniatrics' President

FIBES hosted last week the “22nd IUBMB & 37th FEBS Congress” where experts in molecular biology, engineering sciences, mathematics and information technology joined due to THE Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM)

Six Nobel laureates, 73 countries and more than 2,500 top-level researchers have gathered at this event becoming Seville in a multidisciplinary place and global scientific focus.

Among several activities, presentations and workshops offered by the Congress, has taken place a forum dedicated to bio entrepreneurs where D. Alfonso Gañán Calvo Professor of Department of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics, ESI, University of Seville exposed a brilliant speech. The inventor of Flow Focusing® technology among others is also the President of Ingeniatrics a microencapsulation and manufacture Nebulizers company. He has made very important contributions on the molecular study of fluids, which have resulted in tens of very highly cited articles. Professor Gañán Calvo was awarded with the National Research Award “Juan de la Cierva” in recognition to the international relevance of his contributions.

The conference titled "The Devil's in the details: Physics and Chemistry behind successful microencapsulation processes" runs through the scientific literature evidencing that the microencapsulation "is trendy" but is facing some physicochemical fundamental limitations which can be overcome with the proper technology as Flow Focusing®. Finally the professor explained the advantages and superiority of this microencapsulation process in comparison with the other technologies: mechanical process and non aggressive, monodispersion drops, viscous substances usability with all kinds of polymers.

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Flow Blurring® Nebulizers New Catalogue
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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 10:39

Catalogue of brand-new efficient nebulizers for laboratory equipment, wastes treatment, biomaterials production, ...

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ZYXogen takes Ingeniatrics as Manufacturer Services Supplier.
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Monday, 13 August 2012 12:48

ZYXogen's CEO Mr. Jeff Badovick and Ingeniatrics' CEO Mr. Joaquin Gomez Moya signed last July an agreement for Ingeniatrics to supply nozzles, nebulizers, emitters, and devices.  

The new agreement is an instrument to establish a regular business-basis for ZYXogen to profit all the advantages of Ingeniatrics' cutting-edge techniques for nebulizers design, optimization and manufacturing.

ZYXogen: From Sprayer Cans to Fuel Injection.

ZYXogen is a Nashville head-quartered company whose main business has been out-licensing and engineering in the broad field of application of its fluidics and microfluidics technology. Thus it has approached different Fortune 500 corporations of which many are interested in ZYXogen's services.

Nowadays ZYXogen's project progresses towards a new stage: it is launching its product development activities, especially regarding a brand-new sprayer can that can reduce propellant needs more than 10 times.

The other main area of prospected business would be Fuel Injection as there already are scientific research showing evidence that ZYXogen's technology has two interesting features. Firstly, it seems it could reduce emissions up to five times. Secondly, this system could utilize materials that have been neglected for viscosity or other reasons until now, for example paraffin, a refineries by-product.


Ingeniatrics: Microencapsulation and Nebulizers.

This company started as an University of Seville spin-off and recently certified the quality control for all its activities. After two rounds of funding with Venture Capital funds and the inventors themselves, Ingeniatrics is turning towards being a streamlined company around two main divisions.-

What Ingeniatrics calls Microencapsulation for you utilizing its three separated pilot plants to define whole microencapsulate production process for probiotics, enzymes, therapeutic proteins and other substances.

And Manufacturing. Ingeniatrics has set up a flexible manufacturing system. This system is allegedly able to significantly reduce production costs for extremely precise nozzles, nebulizers, analytical nebs, bioencapsulators and coating devices.

Ingeniatrics participates in CENIT PRONAOS Project to avoid the obesity problem through nutrition
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Thursday, 12 July 2012 10:21

May 25th, 2012 in Madrid, took place the closing ceremony of the CENIT PRONAOS Project called “Scientific research aimed to develop a food new generation for weight control and obesity prevention”. This project has lasted four years (2008-2011) and Ingeniatrics have participated with other 12 Spanish nutrition and technological companies and near 40 research groups. The aim has been the genetic  factors research, molecular and nutritional factors in order to regulate the corporal weight control systems for food development directed to the weight control and obesity prevention.

In this case, Ingeniatrics has developed a nutrients protection procedure based on microencapsulation using the Flow Focusing® technology. The bioactive ingredients, ingredients or nutrients (nutritional field significant public interest) are: oils, vitamins, fragrances and fibers getting particles below the palatability threshold

Others patented technology by Ingeniatrics, Flow Blurring® also have been evaluated as a emulsions formation process in liquid matrix.

At the same time, the scaled up process has been possible with a Spray Dryer specially designed for Flow Focusing® technology. Ingeniatrics achieved has robust and reproducible process.

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