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Wednesday, 13 June 2012 10:38
Ingeniatrics certainly renews itself day-by-day

From encapsulation plant to its new and improved products on market
scaling up solutions to competitively microencapsulate. Aimed to pharma, biotech, cosmetics, functional food.

If you want to review the latest
milestones as well as results of pilot-plant spray drying production click here
Successful presentation at the 4th Workshop on Industrial Microencapsulation
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Friday, 01 June 2012 09:24

R&D Director,
Maria Flores Mosquera

During the 4th Industrial Workshop on Microencapsulation: Fundamentals, Market Update and Applications in Food, Dietary Supplement and Pharmaceuticals in Geneva  last May, Maria Flores Mosquera (Ingeniatrcs’s R&D Director)  successfully introduced the multiple advantages of the Flow Focusing® encapsulation technology  for food and nutritional industry .

The speech had a great impact not only for the technology which is able to incorporate active ingredients in homogeneous spherical microcapsules completely coated with different polymers and protected within the capsule core / shell (core / shell) but also by the scalability services.

After  the presentation slides, many participants  admit the Flow Focusing
® technology as a step forward in the encapsulation field thanks to its  variety of polymers and formulations. Flow Focusing ® Microencapsulation opens a new dimension in functional foods as a result of a smooth technology and no chemical process needed.

To read the presentation, click here

Agilent Technologies will integrate the second generation of OneNeb in its new Spectrometry equipment catalogue.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 14:48

Agilent has ordered Ingeniatrics to launch the upgraded version of its successful Universal Nebulizer OneNeb which is aimed to mineral and mining companies labs, mainly. Ingeniatrics engineers expect to be able to start delivering final product batches worldwide in less than three months time.


OneNeb device and operation has been qualified to be part inside ICP equipments of both Atomic Mass Spectrometry and Optical Emission Spectrometry. This upgraded OneNeb version is a demonstration of the new stage Ingeniatrics has reached: the specs come from the market now. New OneNeb has been specifically optimized for one of the biggest Agilent's customers with one the broadest industrial laboratories networks in the world, and as a consequence for all those in such industry.




Agilent is the world’s premier measurement company with specialties in Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Electronic Test & Measurement. We can properly say it is one of the two world key-players in the utmost competitive industry of Spectrometry.

That's why Ingeniatrics chose Agilent to market OneNeb Universal nebulizer. Provided the satisfactory experience for both companies current exclusivity agreement is expected to stand for five years more with few changes.


The OneNeb universal analytic nebulizer.

The latest tests carried out by Agilent and Agilent's customers' scientists and technicians have resulted in a demonstration of sensitivity, increased up to two times, due to Flow Blurring technology. Sensitivity is combined with excellent precision, low detection limit, and a surprising capacity to operate over a wide range of solution flow rates. All of it with high tolerance to dissolved solids, suitable for virtually any sample including common organic solvents used in petrochemical industry.
Solidus investment fund and Auramist executives visited Ingeniatrics.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 15:05

Auramist CEO Mr. Jeffrey Badovick, Solidus CEO Mr. Townes Duncan
and Ingeniatrics President Alfonso Gañan Calvo

Solidus CEO Mr. Townes Duncan J.Dr. and Auramist's principals, its CEO Mr. Jeffrey Badovick and the CFO Mr. Brent Campbell payed a visit to Ingeniatrics' new microencapsulation pilot-plants and assembly rooms on April 2012 and met Ingeniatrics' board and investors. They also had meetings with Seville City Vice-Major Dr. Landa and with the rector of the University of Seville, Dr. Ramírez de Arellano.  


The interviews and meetings were considered fruitful in the course of Zyxogen's actions to implement its new "Developed Application model" Business Plan and could eventually lead to investments in Spain. Zyxogen LLC is a joint venture initiative by Auramist and Ingeniatrics, now moving headquarters to Nashville, TN.



Solidus is one of the key-players in Tennessee finances, being managed by Mr. Duncan. Milt Capps, Venture Nashville Connections journalist, quoted his words at a three panel hosted by Nashville Business Journal: "I want to invest in people I like and respect". Mr. Duncan, Juris Doctor at Univ. Washington & Lee, is in possession of an impressive track-record as investments manager.



Auramist, one of the companies Solidus has invested in, is headquartered at Rogers, Arkansas, and successfully developing and marketing a range of products to enhance personal comfort utilizing what they call "dry mist". Amongst their customers are leading companies like Amazon and Home Depot.

OneNeb Nebulizers: Increased Sensitivity with Minimal Blockage
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Friday, 11 May 2012 11:09
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Agilent has introduced the inert OneNeb nebulizer – a revolutionary new design universal nebulizer for MP-AES and ICP-OES applications. Based on Flow Blurring nebulization technology, the OneNeb generates a fine aerosol that provides improved sensitivity and provides greater tolerance to dissolved solids. The inert construction makes the OneNeb a universal design that can handle all samples including strong acids such as HF and common organic solvents, and yet it simplifies method development and measures all samples with efficient operation over a wide flow rate.

Benefits of the inert OneNeb nebulizer include:

High sensitivity: The Flow Blurring technology used in the OneNeb nebulizer creates a fine aerosol with the majority of droplets sized < 10 µm and a narrow size distribution. This ensures optimal sample transport for enhanced precision. Sensitivity is also increased by a factor up to two times, even when running with low sample flow rates.

Excellent precision and low detection limit: Typical precision achieved when using the OneNeb nebulizer is less than 1% RSD. The OneNeb also ensures robust and reliable performance as the fine aerosol is more efficiently desolvated and excited in the plasma. This improves analytical precision and means that you can also achieve improved (lower) detection limits.

High TDS tolerance: The OneNeb provides greater tolerance to dissolved solids, so you can easily run samples that may induce blockage with conventional nebulizer designs e.g. up to 25% TDS often found in estuarine waters, brines and fine chemicals.

Superb long term stability: The OneNeb provides superb stability over long term measurement, with excellent chemical resistance and tolerance to dissolved solids in the sample.

Flexibility: The OneNeb nebulizer can replace a whole range of nebulizers you might be using today – whether it is the nebulizer you use for routine samples, a microflow nebulizer used to measure volume limited samples, a “high solids” capable nebulizer used to run samples with high levels of dissolved solids or an inert nebulizer used to measure samples prepared in aggressive acid digests. The OneNeb nebulizer can even be operated over a wide range of solution flow rates, from 0.04 to 2.0 mL min-1 without sacrificing sensitivity.

Inertness and robustness: The OneNeb is made of polymeric material (PFA and PEEK) making it suitable for virtually any sample including common organic solvents used in the petrochemical industry and sample digests from geochemical fusions that are prepared in aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid (HF) or four acid digests (HClO4 – HCl - HNO3 - HF). It is physically robust so that if you accidentally drop it, it will still be intact and continue to provide great performance.

Simple and easy to use: The OneNeb nebulizer is directly compatible with most conventional glass cyclonic and insert spray chambers. Simply replace the existing concentric glass nebulizer with the OneNeb - no other method changes are required.

Low maintenance: Simply rinse with your rinse solution when your analysisis complete

 For further information, please click here

TFIIS is required for the balanced expression of the genes encoding ribosomal components under transcriptional stress. Researchers utilized Cellena
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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:54

Fernando Gómez-Herreros, Lola de Miguel-Jiménez, Macarena Morillo-Huesca, Lidia Delgado-Ramos, María C. Muñoz-Centeno and Sebastián Chávez*
Departamento de Genética, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Sevilla, Avda Reina Mercedes 6. E-41012 Seville, Spain
Received February 18, 2011; Revised April 4, 2012; Accepted April 5, 2012

Transcription factor IIS (TFIIS) stimulates RNA cleavage by RNA polymerase II by allowing backtracked enzymes to resume transcription elongation.
Yeast cells do not require TFIIS for viability, unless ,they suffer severe transcriptional stress due to NTP-depleting drugs

like 6-azauracil ormycophenolic acid. In order to broaden our knowledge on the role of TFIIS under transcriptional stress, we carried out a genetic screening for suppressors of TFIIS-lacking cells’ sensitivity to 6-azauracil and mycophenolic acid. Five suppressors were identified, four of which were related to the transcriptional regulation of those genes encoding ribosomal components [rRNAs and ribosomal proteins (RP)], including global regulator SFP1. This led us to discover that RNA polymerase II
is hypersensitive to the absence of TFIIS under NTP iscarcity conditions when transcribing RP genes. The absence of Sfp1 led to a profound alteration of the transcriptional response to NTP-depletion, thus allowing the expression of RP genes to resist these
stressful conditions in the absence of TFIIS. We discuss the effect of transcriptional stress on ribosome biogenesis and propose that TFIIS contributes to prevent a transcriptional imbalance between rDNA and RP gene.


Read the complete paper here

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