Frost & Sullivan awards it '2011 European Micro-Encapsulation Technology Innovation Award' to Ingeniatrics Tecnologías
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 10:12
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Flow Focusing® Microencapsulation: Much more than dripping
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Monday, 19 September 2011 07:22

Ingeniatrics’ R&D Director María Flores has published an article in Bioencapsulation Innovation about Flow Focusing® Microencapsulation by means of Cellena® Bio Encapsulator device. In particular, examples of the Flow Focusing® technology for the microencapsulation of different types of cells in monodis­perse hydrogel microspheres using a Cellena® Flow Focusing® microencapsulator.

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Flores-Mosquera, M.; Jurado, G; Chávez, S.; Gañán-Calvo, A.M.

Frost & Sullivan awards it '2011 European Micro-Encapsulation Technology Innovation Award' to Ingeniatrics Tecnologías for its Pioneering Flow Focusing® Microencapsulation Technology
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Monday, 19 September 2011 06:25

The unique Flow Focusing® Technology makes it possible to achieve uniform and desired microparticle sizes and enhances thereby overall performance of the products catering to markets such as foods, drugs and consumer goods.

"In an industry where microencapsulation technologies are gaining more attention to protect bioactive substances, nutraceuticals, probiotics, drugs and living cells in order to better human life, Ingeniatrics is already one step ahead! Their Flow Focusing® Technology proves to be a promising micro encapsulation technology that focuses on addressing the above challenges in a more economical and customer-friendly manner. The technology developed possess some unique properties which makes it possible to achieve the desired encapsulation of very small particles with uniform size. The benefits of this process are that; it’s a single step process that reduces the processing costs at high production rate and allows for wider range of scalability options maintaining high functionality within existing manufacturing unit.

Functionalization of nano/micro particles’ surfaces are highly desired in the industry to increase bioavailability that could proffer benefits to health care and cosmetic products. In the case of Pharma industry, drug solubility enhancement is one of the most critical challenges where almost 40% of all new pharmacologically potent molecules show poor aqueous solubility, leading to their low-effective concentration in biofluids, and therefore, poor bioavailability, impacting the quality of therapeutic action.  Ingeniatrics rapidly identified the business opportunity and established three microencapsulation plants with certificates for Bio, Pharma and Consumer Good Industry.

Besides, Ingeniatrics is focusing the agrochemical market where long term treatments for different plant diseases using highly versatile controlled delivery systems are in high demand. The agricultural chemicals sector primarily manufactures chemical agents such as insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These products are aimed at promoting the healthier growth of plants and can also be used for crop protection. Today’s methods for proper agrochemical delivery are facing many challenges mainly related to the controlled drug release mechanisms of chemical agents. In order to ensure a proper release in agrochemicals as well as drug delivery in the health care market, uniform final size of microcapsules is much desired to provide a constant release profile during therapeutic period.

Apart from agricultural and health care applications, food and cosmetics sectors are already utilizing newer encapsulation technologies in its products. On demand controlled delivery systems are also one of the main focuses of the encapsulation technologies that could be applied to in the home and personal care sector.

In addition to the versatility in market applications of encapsulation technologies, there is a need of a system that could reduce processing costs and simplify in processing methods.   

About The Technology Innovation Award
The Technology Innovation Award is presented to the company that has excelled in the following criteria: uniqueness of technology, impact on new products/applications, impact on functionality, impact on customer value and relevance of innovation to industry. Ingeniatrics received the highest marks by the jury in all five criteria."

About Frost & Sullivan
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 10:46

Ingeniatrics successfully finished its three Microencapsulation pilot plants
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Monday, 12 September 2011 15:37

Ingeniatrics Tecnologias finished its plant on July and is going to inaugurate them on October. This breakthrough technological step ahead and at the same time one million euro investment is under Ingeniatrics' COO, Miguel Asensio's technical leadership and under rigorous quality control and environment protection standards. The plant are located in Seville Area, Spain. The surface of 300 square meters is made up by three rooms operatig separately: Pharma (registered as "cleanroom" or ISO 7 white room), Chemistry and Food.



Scaling up FF and FB technology.


 The scaling up of Flow Focusing® microencapsulation and Flow Blurring® microparticles Technology from laboratory to pilot plant was carried out by  Ingeniatrics production team, led by Miguel Asensio, COO, and Lola Romero, QC & Environment Manager. These microencapsulation plants make Ingeniatrics Tecnologias come one of the leading companies in manufacture and production of microparticles.

Premises and facilities project.


 The building of this brand-new plants has been a technological challenge by itself. It had the collaboration of Ingal, agrifood, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering company internationally renowned for its expertise in developing this kind of rooms. They not only provided the project engineering and consultancy services but have also achieved the execution inside four months time.




 Quality control certification

Ingeniatrics’  next goal is to certify its operation within the most exigent international standards, such as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems. To that purpose Ingeniatrics has chosen Novotec's consultancy services. These days  Ingeniatrics is already running pre-auditory tests according to schedule. Third party Certification Body would be AENOR, which is the issuing body for all industrial and services activities in Spain.


These plants will be certified in GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, for European pharmacopoeia. In this case, Third Party Certification Body should be the Spanish Ministry of Health through the Spanish Agency of Medicament and Health Products. The aim is to attain these certifications before the end of the year.


 Ingeniatrics Tecnologias’ commitment with the local community is translated into creating new highly-qualified job positions, strict environment protection practices and contributing a high added value business activity.



About Ingeniatrics


Concurrently, and in addition to the encapsulation services, Ingeniatrics'  customers have launched products utilising Ingeniatrics IP, technology and parts in the fields of cells count, evaporative cooling. At the same time, Ingeniatrics has started manufacturing devices such as OneNeb®, analytical nebulizer for ICP-OES and ICP-MS, marketed by Agilent Technologies worlwide;  and Cellena®, portable bioencapsulation device for cell therapy research and microbiology.


Ingeniatrics Tecnologias hires Jeronimo Escudero Gonzalez as R&D Researcher.
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Monday, 12 September 2011 14:09

Through its continuous growth, Ingeniatrics has hired Jeronimo Escudero Gonzalez, graduated in Pharmacy by the University of Seville, as Junior Researcher within the R&D department reporting directly to Maria Flores, Ingeniatrics' CSO.

During his academic studies he realized research in the field of synthesized cellulosic polymers controlled release. Several of his articles have been published by international research journals such as International Journal of Pharmaceutics and European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics.

Deeply knowledgeable on R&D services for Cosmetic industry, this 31 year-old professional from Seville accepts the challenge to improve microencapsulation state-of-art solutions for Biotech and for Consumer Goods.

"We're happy to welcome Jerónimo to the Ingeniatrics family," said R&D Manager María Flores, " I'm confident he'll play a key role in our future growth as we continue to provide our customers with the best service and solutions available."

About Ingeniatrics:

From its foundation in 2001 Ingeniatrics has grown to become a major force in Spain’s Biotechnology Industry through its commitment to clients, quality and service. During the past 10 years, the company has developed amongst others cutting-edge technology and business solutions such as OneNeb® and Cellena®. The impending inauguration of three brand-new manufacturing facilities for microparticles production aimed to Pharma, Food and Consumer Goods industries promises to be a Milestone on Spanish microencapsulation technology and industry.

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