Technical innovations

These intellectual-property licenses allow us to design:
  • Ultrafine Aerosols: Produce extremely small droplets with very low energy consumption.  
  • Homogeneity of Microencapsulation: Produce and process aerosols and emulsions giving rise to microparticles within a low range of particle-size variation – something hardly any other technology can achieve without subsequent costly filtration.
  • Soft Microencapsulation: Characterized by its non aggressive treatment of the liquid, which do not use turbulent forces to hydrolyze it.
  • Design of particles with different internal structures: homogeneous spheres and capsules with different nucleus and cortex
  • Other competitive advantages of these processes:
    • Low blockage risk: producing droplets and particles of between 10 and 50 times smaller in size than the nebulizer orifice, evidently reducing nebulizer maintenance costs (cleaning and replacement).
    • Versatility: Implementing a purely mechanical technology that can atomize/spray almost any kind of solution, regardless of its chemical composition and characteristics. This means it can be used for highly diverse applications.