Analytical Chemistry

Ingeniatrics designs and produces nebulizers to input samples into chemical analysis devices such as Plasma Spectrometers (ICP-OES/MS) and high intensity X-ray systems, and XFELs

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1.500 €

MultiNeb®, Multiple inlet nebulizer for Spectrochemical analysis

The MultiNeb® nebulizing device, developed by analytical chemistry experts and engineers, simplifies and makes more cost-effective all new ICP-OES, MIP-OES and ICP-MS analytical operations involving the simultaneous nebulization of fluids (i.e., samples, standard solutions, solvents, etc.).

Specially recommended, but not only, for water and fuel innovative analysis, for instance:

  • Simultaneous determination of hydride and non-hydride forming elements in water or fuel samples.
  • Direct introduction of complex matrices (e.g., high salt content, acid digested and organic samples) for elemental analysis.
  • Analysis of biodiesel and oil samples by on-line calibration.
  • In-line redox reactions for iodine determination.

Comparative Advantages

  • Even with immiscible liquids, MultiNeb® obtains stable emulsions during the short period of time in which the droplets are transported to the plasma torch.
  • MultiNeb® is versatile since it works properly as a conventional nebulizer on “Single Mode” by feeding just one of the inlets or on “Multiple Mode” by simultaneously feeding the different inlets.
  • Less manual operations are needed, reducing analysis time, reproducibility issues and potential errors or accidents.
  • The samples/standards and reagents volumes are reduced significantly.
  • Some mixing processes are intensified due to high speeds and pressures at the mixing zone inside the nebulizer.
  • The nebulizing gas flow is not divided between different exit orifices, so the working conditions are equal to the optimum working conditions of the spectrometer. In this way, the quantity of liquid input capillaries can be adjusted to the specific application of the nebulizer.
  • MultiNeb® is built on the right dimensions to allow the connection to any commercial spray chamber (for all manufacturers and models of spectrometers based on plasma).

Technical Notes

750 €

Manufacture of the OneNeb nebulizer for ICP-OES

Ingeniatrics is the creator and manufacturer of OneNeb, the most advanced nebulizer that exists for the input of samples in ICP/OES devices.

OneNeb is different from the rest for several reasons:

  • Manufactured with impact resistant inert plastics; unlike fragile glass and quartz nebulizers.
  • Operates without clogging with solutions of very diverse TDS content eliminating the need to use sets for each type of test, as with glass-quartz devices.
  • Generates a customised spray based on the requirements of the equipment manufacturers, allowing greater analytical precision

This product is distributed worldwide by Agilent Technologies.

Design and manufacture of sample input devices

On demand, Ingeniatrics designs and manufactures solutions for input of analytical samples in the form of:

  • spray (ICP-OES/MS)
  • micro-jets or “threads” of liquid (XFEL)
  • sequence of aligned micro-drops of the same size or dripping (XFEL)