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Microfluidic Engineering for the development of technological and innovative applications

Initially founded by scientists of the University of Seville in 2001, today Ingeniatrics is a private equity company that has generated over twenty permanent jobs, half of which are engineers and graduates.

The company bases its growth on the know-how and intellectual property which is directly exploited through both our own products and third party licenses.

Ingeniatrics is a notably international business, providing solutions to large multinational companies.


At Ingeniatrics we develop and offer our own technology

All developments and business lines of Ingeniatrics are based on mastery of microfluidic technology.

In many cases our own patented technology is used. Since it was founded, Ingeniatrics has registered over 100 patents, the most renowned corresponding to Flow Blurring©, Flow Focusing© and Electro Flow Focusing©, among many others.

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