Industrial Innovation

Design and manufacture of innovative industrial solutions based on microfluidic engineering


Ingeniatrics develops aerosols that allow a 95% reduction of propellant compared to a conventional aerosol, even allowing the use of compressed air as a propellant.

Robotic tools for application of fluids and grapic arts

Collaborative robots, increasingly used in the assembly industry, require tools that enable them to draw, write, apply colours, varnishes and other fluids in any position, which is not common in existing solutions.

The Ingeniatrics solution allows the drawing of lines at any angle and in any position, at distances of up to 20mm from the printing surface and without exceeding 0.7mm thickness.

Ingeniatrics creates plug-and-play solutions that allow these applications in collaborative robots from Kuka and Universal Robots.

Direct atomisation of high viscosity substances

Based on its exclusive atomisation technology, Ingeniatrics develops direct atomisation systems for viscous substances for applications in the food industry and painting.

Apart from savings in solvents and dilution equipment, direct atomisation allows significant energy savings due to the reduction of volumes managed, as well as more efficient drying.

Fuel injection and micro-reactions

The contact surface between reagents directly affects the efficiency of chemical reactions, and particularly combustion processes.

Ingeniatrics designs maximise the surface of fuel exposed to oxygen in combustion chambers, optimising their performance. The result is lower fuel consumption and reduced combustion by-products.

In the same way, the technology allows several reagents to meet when the aerosol is generated; which we call a micro-reactor. This phenomenon allows us to create, for example, instant sprays of emulsions and foams for food products without needing to use expensive or sensitive substances such as gelatine or animal products.

Evaporative cooling, humidification and creation of mist

Ingeniatrics nebulizers generate the maximum evaporation surface with the minimum amount of energy. Maximum efficiency. It is used in water-air systems, working at air pressures between 1 and 3 bar.

Usually applied in large spaces (preservation of vegetables, greenhouses, farms and also for portable systems).

They may be acquired wholesale directly from Ingeniatrics (minimum order 2000 units). Nebulizers are subject to licenses and their use may be restricted to certain applications.