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Ingeniatrics gets a new USA patent

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has granted to Ingeniatrics a new patent  “Nozzle Insert Device and Methods for Dispensing Head Atomizer”. This way, our portfolio counts with 90 granted patents.

On this occasion is based on the Flow Blurring®  technology relates to nozzle devices and methods for creating atomized sprays and more particularly to modular nozzle insert devices for use in dispensing head atomizers on liquid product containers.

Conventional dispensing devices often provide atomized liquid dispersions or sprays that include non-uniformly sized particles. Another problem associated with conventional dispensing devices products includes clogging of the channels in the dispensing device. Thanks to this invention Ingeniatrics could solve some of the actual market problems

This patent is related with cosmetics and personal care applications. Ingeniatrics adds value to the market with this patent leading the sector.


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